Our small group session memberships offer unlimited access to a variety of top-notch, innovative and effective workouts designed by
nationally certified instructors.
We pride ourselves in the fact that these are not your ordinary aerobics classes. You will receive personalized, private attention in a clean, controlled environment.  Our small group fitness sessions are an affordable alternative to personal training. 

Help us welcome TRX small group sessions to Moore!
TRX was founded by Randy Hetrick, a former U.S. Navy Seals Commander.  Let one of our TRX certified trainers safely guide you through this effective, full-body workout.  This core-intense workout will challenge your muscles in a new way.  Are you at a exercise plateau or in need of  a change in routine?  This workout is for you.  

Check out this  TRX IN ACTION intro video for a closer look at this suspension training system!

  • Delivers a fast, effective total-body workout
  • Helps build a rock-solid core
  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Easy on the joints and benefits people of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors and everyone in between)

"Next Level" Spinning

Do you want to improve your cardiovascular strength and endurance while burning hundreds of calories? We are proud to offer small group spinning, an intense, effective cardiovascular workout that is easy on the joints and appropriate for any fitness level. Our highly trained, certified spin instructors will guide you through exciting, high intensity rides that will leave you feeling accomplished and energized. We have researched the bikes carefully and are excited to announce that we have chosen the Waters Tsunami Elite Spin Bike. It has all of the standard features but is upgraded with magnetic resistance and the ability to measure wattage so you can monitor your power and effort output throughout the ride. The console gives feedback on time, distance, speed, RPM, watts, calories and heart rate.   How many watts can you pull? 

Ballet Barre

We are proud to offer Burn at the Barre sessions taught by Cassie, our certified Barre instructor. This ballet and pilates-inspired workout promotes a strong, slender, sculpted dancer's body through ballet toning and pilates exercises. High-repetitions of small, pulsing movements will "burn" your core and lower body. Check out our certifying body's website for more info: Pilates Sports Center.
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